How To Troubleshoot Irrigation System Issues

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AquaDuck Irrigation has been helping the people in East Central Florida kept there grass Green for over 25 years. We specialize in Sprinkler Repair, Irrigation relocation, Irrigation/sprinkler pump repair and replacement. Give us a call we’re here to help you keep your grass and shrubs healthy and green.

AquaDuck Irrigation has been in business for over 25 years serving East Orange County and Brevard County, Florida. We handle everything from simple sprinkler repairs to complex irrigation revamps. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with a level of expertise second to none. Brad Keene, the owner of AquaDuck Irrigation, shares some very helpful tips on how to make sure your irrigation system is working optimally.

Brad’s Advice on Troubleshooting Your Irrigation System

“When you’re landscaping your lawn in Florida, you have to have good, adequate coverage in your irrigation system. If you don’t have good coverage, you’re going to have a lot of dry spots in your lawn. If you have wind or vegetation blocking your sprinklers it can prevent your irrigation system from working correctly. Another factor could be the sun, or it could be multiple other things that are causing irrigation issues.

Check Your Water Source

When AquaDuck Irrigation shows up, we evaluate the whole entire system of your house to see what the problem is. If you want good coverage in your irrigation system, you’ve got to have a good water source. No matter if you’re on a well, reclaimed water or regular potable water, you’ve got a have a good source. That’s where it all starts; you cannot have a poor water source and get good coverage and expect green grass.

Your Irrigation System Should be Set Up in a Triangle

It doesn’t matter if you live in Orange County, Osceola or Brevard. If you live anywhere in Central Florida, you’re probably aware we have hot summers and very windy springs. In fall we don’t get as much rain, so you’ve got to make sure that you have good, proper coverage and good layout for your irrigation system. Everything in your system needs to be in a triangular shape to get one 100% coverage. If you have your system set up correctly in a triangle position, you’re actually getting more than 100% lawn coverage; you’re getting more like 125%-130% coverage.

Have the Right Sprinkler Nozzles

Make sure you have the right nozzles and sprinkler heads to get the right coverage. It just depends on what type of irrigation system you want in order to get good coverage for whatever type of vegetation you have in your yard, whether you have St. Augustine, Bahia or Zoysia grass.

Check Your Sprinkler Timer

Timer issues are also a big thing. If you’re not getting good water coverage it might be that the sprinkler timer is set at the wrong time. It could be set late in the night where you’re getting a lot of neighboring irrigation systems running, causing fungi to get in your water and then your grass. The timer needs to be set somewhere right before it’s light out. You don’t want your sprinklers running during the day because the sun is going to dry up the water.

Call the Experts at AquaDuck Irrigation

When AquaDuck shows up to evaluate your lawn we have to look at a number of things. Whether you’re on a well, reclaimed water or regular potable water, we need to check if there’s the right coverage. We’ll determine whether you’ve got the right sprinkler nozzles, which vary depending on the grass that you have. If you have a pump sometimes there’s a filter issue. Pumps have filters that could get clogged.

Remember, to have your irrigation system working correctly you’ve got to make sure that the sprinkler timer is set at the right times. Make sure that you have the right irrigation pump for your lawn. It could be a piping issue where you have the wrong sized water pipes. You could get restrictions in the pipes where you’re not getting the right flow of water to your irrigation system itself. That would cause inadequate watering. A centrifugal pump is mostly an irrigation pump for your well. Multiple things can happen to cause these pumps to stop working. Impellers go bad. It could be the motor that’s bad, or maybe you have the wrong index files on there. It could be a wrong hydraulics valve, or the problem could be caused by numerous other things.

I want to thank all our customers here at AquaDuck Irrigation. If you have any trouble we’d be glad to help you out in any way we can. Thanks a lot.”

We hope you found this article helpful and that it gave you some ideas of things you can check on your irrigation system to make sure it’s performing correctly. You can also call the experts at AquaDuck Irrigation at (321) 427-5918 in Brevard County or (407) 709-1204 in the Orlando area for expert irrigation services and sprinkler repairs.


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