Puddles, Puddles Everywhere!

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AquaDuck Irrigation has been helping the people in East Central Florida kept there grass Green for over 25 years. We specialize in Sprinkler Repair, Irrigation relocation, Irrigation/sprinkler pump repair and replacement. Give us a call we’re here to help you keep your grass and shrubs healthy and green.

We aren’t talking about rain puddles, although those are everywhere in Florida this time of the year!  We are talking about puddles caused by your sprinkler system.  You may think that it is normal for your sprinklers to cause puddles, but that is not actually the case.


What Can Cause Puddles?

Here are some common causes of overwatering or puddles in the yard.


Irrigation Timer Issues

Your sprinklers should provide sufficient irrigation for your yard without making puddles.  Particularly if you live in any of the beachside towns, your yard is probably primarily composed of sand or sandy soil.  This is actually quite absorbent (think of wet sand on the beach).  It doesn’t generally allow for puddles.  So, if you are getting puddles, then your sprinklers need to be adjusted.  They may be on for too long of a duration or you may have too many sprinklers aimed at one area of the yard.


Broken Sprinkler Heads

Another possible cause of puddles is that you have a broken sprinkler head.  Have you ever driven past a house that has what looks like a fountain springing up from their yard or a small version of “Old Faithful?”  If so, then you have witnessed what it looks like when a sprinkler head is broken.  Often, people have their sprinklers scheduled to turn on when they are asleep or not home, so they may not know this is happening.  If you see it and you know the homeowners, then please ask them if they know it is happening!  If you don’t know them, leaving a little note by their door would be a very thoughtful thing to do.  Sprinkler heads get broken in a variety of ways.  Lawnmowers are probably the most frequent culprit, along with people accidentally running over them as they go in or out of the driveway in a car.  Kids riding bikes across the lawn is another way that they may get broken.  Don’t fret though!  While this geyser spraying six feet high in your front yard looks imposing, changing a sprinkler head is actually an inexpensive and easy repair.


Irrigation System Leak

Another possible cause of puddles is that you have a leak in your irrigation (sprinkler) system.  This is different from a leak in your home or pool piping, so don’t panic.  This is something that can be repaired by your local sprinkler installation company.  Pipes can break from age or things like tree roots growing around them.


One local woman shared this story about her puddling:

“The neighbor behind us was getting puddling in their backyard from water coming from our backyard.  He said it was running through his backyard out into the street in front of his house.  He was convinced that our pool was leaking into his yard.  It turns out that the sprinklers in the flower beds along our back fence were just coming on for too long of a duration.  Once we cut back on how long they came on, his puddling “miraculously” stopped!  A much easier fix than a major pool repair!”


The moral of that story is that if you have ANY puddling in your yard even near a pool and you have a built-in irrigation system, then please call us at Aqua Duck Irrigation before you panic!  Don’t call out a leak detection company right off the bat since that might cost you hundreds of dollars.  Let us take a look first and provide you with a free estimate.  If you live anywhere on or near the Space Coast, like Sattelite Beach or Melbourne, FL then please give us a call for irrigation repairs.  Puddles are no problem for Aqua Duck Irrigation!